We build automation systems that are tailored to your needs. In doing so, we incorporate the many years of experience and the combined know-how of the companies of the IAR Group and ROB Technologies in timber construction.

WoodFlex is a robot control software for automated timber construction that – based on CAD drawing data – allows a seamless transition from the planning to the production phase.

Wood and wood-based materials are ideally suited for the use of robotics and automation. The spectrum of applications ranges from simple loading and wood storage management to fully automated manufacturing and assembly operations and surface finishing such as sanding, painting and coating.

You will find here examples of automation systems, which we were allowed to realize on behalf of customers. Each of these plants was individually adapted to the customer’s needs and production environment.

Solution 1

Processing and Assembly of Wooden Construction Elements

The WoodFlex 56, which was realized for Erne AG Holzbau in cooperation with Güdel AG, is a gantry robot system for the processing and assembly of wooden construction elements (for example wall or roof modules). In this project, ROB Technologies was responsible for the development and implementation of the complete control software, which creates a direct link between the workshop drawings and the robot control.

Solution 2

Feeding of Wooden Panels into a CNC Sawing Center

The automation system implemented is used to efficiently feed heavy wood or gypsum boards to a CNC sawing center. The heart of the system is a 6-axis ABB IRB 6600 robot with a reach of 3.2 meters and a payload of 180 kilograms, which can move on an 8-meter linear axis with a travel distance of 6.7 meters. The linear axis, as the 7th axis, is fully integrated and can be programmed synchronously. In addition, there is a semi-automatic feeder carriage system consisting of a control system and a feeder carriage.