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Factory Automation

Turn-key custom machinery

Based on decades of experience in building customized machines, the machines are designed on a modular structure, which makes them innovative, reliable and cost-effective.

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Assembly Automation & Robotics Cells

Automated assembly reduces labor requirements while increasing product quality. Our systems range from manual assembly with system monitoring to fully automated flexible robotic assembly lines for custom products. Ideally fitted for low volume high mix manufacturing processes.



Automation for Surface Treatment of Materials

Many materials used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, household appliance, printing, textile and packaging industries are modified with plasma before further processing so that they can be optimally bonded, coated, painted, marked or printed.



Digital Model based on the concept of a digital
production platform consisting of common
systems, functional systems and specific
systems that enables the development and test,
in a virtual environment, of several approaches
for a specific production systems to find the
best solution for high throughput and high
variability challenges.





Our Solutions

Packaging and Converting Machines

High volume volume with high speed, versatile and high-performance technologies

More than a stand-alone machine, our converting machine are integrated solution in line with the principles of Lean Manufacturing and fully embedded with your manufacturing process, meeting the highest requirements and standards in terms of quality and efficent winding.

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Reel Doctoring

We have developed and produced winding solutions in accordance with the highest requirements and standards in order to ensure a high quality and efficient winding.
Our machines are designed to reach the best efficiency and productivity levels, using our high efficiency Direct Drive motors, specially designed for applications that require very high torque, angular speed and speed.

High volume volume with high speed and performance technologies

Our converting machine is an integrated solution in
line with the principles of Lean Manufacturing
and fully embedded with your manufacturing
process, meeting the highest requirements and
standards in terms of quality and efficent




We develop and produce state of the art slitting solutions for Jumbo reels in accordance with the highest requirements and standards to ensure a high quality, efficient winding and slitting.


Our Solutions

Loading and unloading systems

Individually configurable and flexible
Our systems are characterized by a small footprint, individual configuration, ease of operation and flexibility in use. They are designed for both collaborative robots (socalled cobots) and industrial robots. The systems are available in a basic version, with options such as the automatic palletizer with up to 10 pallet positions, to considerably increase the autonomy of the system.

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BMD: Moving Device

The Bachmann Moving Device (BMD) is an innovative, compact, and moveable system, for starting the automation of factories. The system is built in a way to provide the best flexibility and rentability using a small footprint.




BLS : Loading Station

The Bachmann Loading Station (BLS) has been specially developed for loading CNC machines, assembly stations and production systems. The focus was on the use of collaborative robots. By using this, it is possible to program the system according to the "Plug & Produce" principle. Thanks to the selection of different robot types, components can be loaded up to 13 kg.



BFM : Feed Master

The Bachmann Feed Master (BFM) is particularly suitable for feeding CNC machines, assembly machines or manual workstations. It is characterized by a small footprint, high autonomy and great flexibility. The BFM can be easily and quickly decoupled and coupled to a new machine or application.

Trade Products

Trade Products

Plug and Automate – One stop shop for automation

Bachmann Engineering is a pioneer in collaborative robots and a premium distribution partner of Universal Robots since over 10 years. It is in Switzerland the no. 1 contact for plug and play automation products. The webshop plugandautomate.swiss offers the largest product portfolio in the field collaborative robots all over Europe. 

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