Vision and Strategic Goals

IAR Group is an Swiss-based international group leading the automation transformation of industries.

The group represents a synergy of international expertise, driven by a collective dedication to engineering excellence. With a deep commitment to innovation in an evolving global industrial landscape, the group pushes boundaries and sets new standards in industrial automation and robotics.

From custom assembly machinery to cutting-edge robotics, our experts design and engineer automation solutions to strengthen market position and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Together with Automation Specialist Services in the USA, Bachmann Engineering and Sontec in Switzerland, IAR Deutschland in Germany and Zeugma TSI in Portugal – We are the Industrial Automation and Robotics Group.

Global Innovation For Local Markets.

Our Values

People are our power. Working in partnership, highly committed with the strategy, leverage the company to a high-performance organization. Products and Services are the result of our inspiration and our efforts. Profit is the indication or our performance and the assurance of a sustainable future.


A long tradition of excellence in industrial automation and robotics


The roots


Incorporation of Bachmann Engineering AG in Switzerland


Incorporation of Zeugma in Portugal


Incorporation of Automation Specialist Services in USA



Creation of the IAR Group by Sebastien Perroud, with the acquisition of the 3 companies.

Organic expansion


First geographical expansion of the group in its core market, with the opening of sales offices in Porto, Portugal and Biel, Switzerland.

Organic expansion


Incorportation of IAR Deutschland GmbH, with the the main objective to market the product lines of all enties of the group.

Inorganic growth


Sontec AG, incorporated in 1990, becomes a member of the IAR Group.


Meet a team of result oriented industrial automation and robotic specialist

Team Work makes the Dream Work and our people makes the difference

Daily we develop industrial solutions, always having in mind the state of the art in technologies. Consequently, we keep focused on achieving the next step, growing and learning. Constant transformation is part of us.

Our solutions are all over the world.

Work at IAR Group means that we have the chance to create new things, be daily challenged, continuous improving and learn, but above all to have the opportunity to share and collaborate closely with colleagues from all international entities.

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Sebastien Perroud
Founder and Group CEO

“At IAR Group, we design and engineer automation solutions to strengthen market position and improve manufacturing efficiency. We leverage international expertise by promoting exchange and collaboration between our teams.


State-of-the-art factories, meticulously designed for precision and efficiency

Modern manufacturing, setting new standards for quality and productivity

North America

Location : Huntley, IL, USA
Workshop : 2’500m2


Location : Mafra, Portugal, USA
Workshop : 4’000m2

DACH (Deutschland – Austria – Switzerland)

Location : Zofingen and Hochdorf, Switzerland
Workshop : 2’500m2