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North America

Based in Huntley, Illinois, USA, Automation Specialist Services LLC is a distinguished national leader in custom automation machinery design, development, and manufacturing. With a combined team experience of several decades, they excel in creating innovative solutions for several industries. Lean practices and exceptional responsiveness ensure projects are executed efficiently and with meticulous attention to detail. This wealth of experience, coupled with a commitment to quality, positions to broadening operations throughout North America.


Zeugma – TSI, S.A. , based in Mafra, Portugal, is a global supplier of customized industrial solutions. These include industrial machinery, equipment, systems, and services in the fields of automation, process control, industrial robotics, industrial information technologies, and mechanical engineering. The company has a special focus on packaging solutions and factory automation. Our state-of-the-art factory in Mafra plays a pivotal role in the growth strategy in this region, serving as a hub for cutting-edge technology and innovation in the field of industrial solutions. 

Central Europe

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Bachmann Engineering SA in Zofingen, Switzerland has been at the forefront of designing and building tailored turnkey robot and automation systems. Expertise is steeped in special machine construction, backed by a decade-long focus on collaborative robotics.

Sontec AG in Hochdorf, Switzerland has been synonymous with innovative process automation solutions. Expert in testing and measurement technology, fully automatic testing machines ensure one hundred percent quality control with minimal time expenditure.

Together Bachmann Engineering and Sontec have laid the foundation for our expansion and growth strategy in the Central European area.


How we do it

Global Innovation for Local Markets

At IAR Group, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation on a global scale. We believe in the power of technology to transform industries, and we’re equally committed to ensuring that these innovations are accessible and beneficial locally.

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We are your Automation and Robotics Experts

We are the IAR Group, a global leader at the forefront of industrial automation and robotics. We forge partnerships that drive businesses forward in an era defined by automation. Our collaborative approach, combined with our technical prowess, positions us as leaders in revolutionizing industries.

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 We focus on our strengths to meet our customers' needs, providing innovative, scalable and adaptable automation solutions. 

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