Liquid Packaging Center

Tailored Solutions for Dynamic Market Needs

Innovative Configurations for Diverse Applications

The Liquid Packaging Center (LPC) is at the forefront of packaging innovation, offering clients the ability to custom-configure plants that precisely meet their requirements. With the flexibility to accommodate subsequent modifications and adjustments, our solutions are designed to adapt seamlessly to evolving market needs. The LPC integrates multiple process cells, each dedicated to a specific manufacturing step – from orienting and securely placing containers on the transport line to filling, sealing, labeling, and preparing for shipment.

Robotic Precision and Versatility

A hallmark of our technology is the strategic use of robotics to ensure efficiency and precision across all processes. By selecting the appropriate robot kinematics for each task, we ensure that every step of the packaging process is optimized for speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Filling and Sealing Stations

Our filling stations offer a range of dosing systems, including piston dosing, flow metering (inductive and Coriolis principle-based), and auger dosing systems, catering to diverse product requirements. The sealing process benefits from parallel robot kinematics combined with lift-and-turn axis systems, allowing for a versatile and adaptable approach to handling various closure types.

Conveyor Systems for Enhanced Process Security

The choice of conveyor systems is crucial for process security. Options include hinge belt conveyors for simplicity and durability, indexed linear transfer systems for high throughput, and pallet transfer systems for extensive applications. These choices ensure that our LPC can handle various container types with ease, supported by transport molds for secure and efficient product movement.

Simplified Control and Operation

Ease of use is a priority, with system controls designed for straightforward setup and operation by the user. New formats are easily programmed, with individual process steps teachable for complete customization. Our systems guide operators through the setup, storing new product recipes for future reproduction.

Our expertise:

  • Liquid Packaging Solutions
  • Process Cell Configuration
  • Dosing Systems Integration
  • Parallel Robot Kinematics
  • Hinge Belt Conveyors
  • Indexed Linear Transfer Systems
  • Pallet Transfer Systems
  • Automated Filling and Sealing
  • Container and Closure Variability
  • High-Speed Packaging Automation