Collaborative Robotics

Pioneering Solutions for Modern Industries

We stands at the forefront of collaborative robotics, merging advanced technology with strategic partnerships to deliver optimal automation solutions. As the proud general importer of Universal Robots in Switzerland, we bring the best in collaborative robotics (Cobots) to a myriad of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, household appliances, printing, textile, and packaging.

Strategic Partnerships for Comprehensive Solutions

Our collaboration with renowned European manufacturers, alongside our in-house engineering expertise, forms a robust solution portfolio for diverse automation challenges. For over a decade, we have been a key distributor for Universal Robots, introducing Cobots across various sectors to enhance competitiveness and ensure worker safety.

Agilox: Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

In the logistics sector, we see significant opportunities for automation systems. AGILOX represents a pivotal advancement in driverless transport systems, providing a high-value solution for modern logistics challenges.

First Swiss Webshop for Automation and Robotics

plug + is Switzerland’s premier online shop for automation, offering an extensive array of Cobots, automation modules, peripherals, and accessories. This platform facilitates easy access to affordable automation solutions that can be implemented swiftly without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Why Cobots?

Cobots from Universal Robots are transforming industries by taking on new tasks that ensure competitive edge and employee safety. Their agility makes them a valuable investment for businesses seeking higher throughput and precision. With easy integration, these Cobots are quickly operational, allowing businesses to immediately benefit from their versatility and efficiency.

Our Commitment

With over 10 years as a distributor for Universal Robots in Switzerland and more than 500 UR robots integrated, bachmann engineering ag combines extensive experience with technical know-how. Our core business in mechanical and software engineering, module and custom construction, enriched by over 45 years of experience, supports our consulting capabilities, offering you reliable insights from every perspective.

Our expertise:

  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Universal Robots Integration
  • Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Plug and Play Automation
  • Advanced Gripping Tools
  • Agile and Reliable Intralogistics
  • Easy-to-Program Cobots
  • Safe and Collaborative Systems

Featured Products:

A robot that increases your efficiency. Automate today, for the future of tomorrow.

Let’s face it: spending hours loading machines, assembling small workpieces or stacking heavy boxes is no fun and ties up valuable resources. But it has to be done. With collaborative robots (cobots for short) from Universal Robots, you can automate manual tasks like these – and free up your employees for higher-value activities. You benefit from rapid commissioning, intuitive operation and short changeover times.

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AGILOX has rethought automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from the ground up and sees them as a revolutionary further development of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The extensive basic intelligence of the logistics robots makes it possible to dispense with complicated equipment such as master computers or navigation aids. We are convinced that autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are the AGVs of tomorrow. We, AGILOX’s sales partner in Switzerland, are already supplying them today.

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