Our Vision and Strategic Goals

Our vision is to lead the automation transformation across industries by leveraging our collective expertise and innovative capabilities. At the heart of IAR Group is our dedication to engineering solutions that are not just cutting-edge but also strategically tailored to strengthen market positions and enhance manufacturing efficiencies worldwide.

From custom assembly machinery to the latest in robotics technology, our experts are devoted to designing and engineering state-of-the-art automation solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Our strategic goals are focused on harnessing global innovation to serve local markets effectively, ensuring that our solutions are both globally inspired and locally applicable.

Our Values

Our people are our power. Working in partnership and with a strong commitment to our strategy, they elevate the company to a high-performance organization. Our Products and Services are the outcomes of our inspiration and efforts, embodying the creativity and dedication of our team. This dedication ensures a sustainable future, reflecting our success and supporting our continued innovation.

Our Global Reach and Local Impact

With key operations spanning major regions around the world, we perfectly embody the essence of global reach combined with local impact. Each business unit is strategically positioned to leverage regional strengths and address local market needs, ensuring that our solutions are as effective as they are innovative.

  • North America: Based in Huntley, Illinois, this unit is a powerhouse in designing and manufacturing custom automation machinery. It drives innovation and operational excellence across the United States and Canada, setting high standards in automation solutions.
  • Iberia: Located in Mafra, Portugal, this unit specializes in industrial solutions that encompass automation, process control, and robotics. It plays a pivotal role in fostering technological advancements across the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, tailoring solutions to the unique challenges of these markets.
  • Central Europe: Anchored in Zofingen and Hochdorf, Switzerland, and supported by our strategic presence in Aalen, Germany, this unit is celebrated for its sophisticated robotics and automation systems. It significantly enhances our footprint in the Central European markets, delivering high-performance solutions designed to meet the complex demands of the region.


A long tradition of excellence in industrial automation and robotics


The roots


Founded in 1972, Bachmann Engineering AG in Zofingen, Switzerland, specializes in designing and building turnkey robot and automation systems, with expertise in special machine construction and collaborative robotics.


Established in 1997, Zeugma – TSI, S.A., based in Mafra, Portugal, provides customized industrial solutions, including industrial machinery, automation, process control, and robotics, known for its focus on packaging solutions.


Established in 2014, Automation Specialist Services LLC, based in Huntley, Illinois, USA, excels in custom automation machinery design, development, and manufacturing and creates innovative solutions including automated assembly systems.



The Industrial Automation and Robotics Group (IAR Group) was founded as a Swiss-based international group specializing in automation systems, following a “Buy and Build” strategy. The group was officially established in 2021, aiming to lead the transformation of industries through innovative and scalable automation solutions.

Organic expansion


First geographical expansion of the group in its core market, with the opening of sales offices in Porto, Portugal and Biel, Switzerland.

Organic Expansion


Incorporation of IAR Deutschland GmbH, with the main objective to market the solutions of the IAR Group in Germany.

Inorganic growth


Founded in 1990, Sontec AG in Hochdorf, Switzerland, focuses on innovative process automation solutions, particularly in testing and measurement technology. The company specializes in creating fully automatic testing machines. Sontec becomes an IAR Group company.


Meet a team of result oriented industrial automation and robotic specialist

Team Work makes the Dream Work and our people makes the difference

Daily we develop industrial solutions, always having in mind the state of the art in technologies. Consequently, we keep focused on achieving the next step, growing and learning. Constant transformation is part of us.

Our solutions are all over the world.

Work at IAR Group means that we have the chance to create new things, be daily challenged, continuous improving and learn, but mostly having the opportunity of sharing our ideas with the all world.

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Sebastien Perroud
Founder and Group CEO

“At IAR Group, we design and engineer automation solutions to strengthen market position and improve manufacturing efficiency. We leverage international expertise by promoting exchange and collaboration between our teams.”

Marc Strub
Head of Sales & Marketing

“At IAR Group  we are committed to leveraging our international expertise to deliver tailored automation strategies that empower businesses to enhance their market position and streamline operations. Through proactive collaboration and a deep understanding of the unique needs of Central European industries, I aim to forge enduring partnerships that drive sustainable growth and innovation.”

Sebastien Perroud
Founder and Group CEO

“At IAR Group, we design and engineer automation solutions to strengthen market position and improve manufacturing efficiency. We leverage international expertise by promoting exchange and collaboration between our teams.


North America

Based in Huntley, Illinois, this unit excels in custom automation machinery design and manufacturing.

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Operating from Mafra, Portugal, this business unit specializes in web handling, automation, process control, and robotics, enhancing industrial solutions.

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Central Europe

Located in Zofingen and Hochdorf, Switzerland, with a strategic presence in Aalen, Germany, this unit is known for its advanced robotics and automation systems.

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State-of-the-art factories, meticulously designed for precision and efficiency

Modern manufacturing, setting new standards for quality and productivity

North America

Location : Huntley, IL, USA
Workshop : 2.500m2


Location : Mafra, Portugal
Workshop : 4.000m2

DACH (Deutschland – Austria – Switzerland)

Location : Zofingen and Hochdorf, Switzerland
Workshop : 2.500m2


We work continuously to establish partnership with our Clients, Suppliers, Institutions and People

Technology Partnerships

We partner with technology pioneers to integrate cutting-edge solutions into our operations and co-create revolutionary industrial products.

Industry Associations

We collaborate with industry associations to shape standards, influence regulatory policies, and collectively address sector-wide challenges

Academic and R&D Collaborations

We engage with leading academic institutions and enter into R&D collaborations to foster innovation, accelerate the development of new technologies, and drive advanced research initiatives that push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.

Channel and Distribution Partnerships

We establish strategic channel partnerships to enhance the reach of our solutions and handle the distribution of diverse products, ensuring optimal market penetration and service excellence.