Global provider in web handling, automation, process control, and robotics, enhancing industrial solutions.

Historical Background: 

Originating from the legacy of ZEUGMA TSI, the IAR Group Iberia in Mafra represents over 27 years of innovation in aseptic packaging and factory automation. This facility has adapted and grown, pushing the boundaries of technology and service in the automation industry.

Strengths and capabilities:
Located near Lisbon and the vibrant shores of Ericeira, the Mafra facility excels in delivering tailored automation solutions to a diverse range of industries. With a 4000 m² production area, it is strategically positioned to leverage Portugal’s industrial capabilities and provide efficient solutions across Europe and globally.

Key Facts:

  • Address: Zeugma – Tecnologia de Sistemas Industriais, S.A.
    Rua do Cemitério 6, 2640-578 Mafra, Portugal
  • Proximity: 20 minutes from Lisbon’s International Airport
  • Area: 4000 m²
  • Key Facilities: Modern production capabilities with a focus on innovative engineering solutions.


Portugal – Sales / Engineering / Service

Av. Sidónio Pais, Edificio Hoechst, n.º 379, escritório A.P1.13 Zeugma, 4100-468 Porto, Portugal 

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Our certifications:

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European Co-financed Developments:

Funds Project

Project designation | DEZMPP: Digital Enterprise Zeugma Modular Production Platform
Project Code | LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-039781 | NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-039781

Main objective | Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Geographic intervention | Lisbon and North regions


Approval date | 2019-05-23
Start date | 2020-01-01
Conclusion date | 2023-06-30
Total eligible cost | 1.209.284,69 EUR
European Union financial support | FEDER 554.671,07 EUR

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

The DEZMPP project aims to develop an advanced digital production solution that enables automatic manufacturing platforms, dedicated to the assembly and testing of components, with a manufacturing of high added value focused on to the factories of the future. The proposed solution is an answer to the challenges of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, based on efficiency, sustainability and resource managed reasonably in an integrated, flexible and versatile way, during equipment’s life cycle.

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