Excellence in custom automation machinery design and manufacturing.

Historical Background: 

Building on the expertise of Automation Services Specialists LLC, the IAR Group North America in Huntley, Illinois, stands as a testament to decades of engineering excellence. The facility has evolved into a cornerstone of innovation in the competitive U.S. market, particularly in sectors like automotive, medical devices, alternate energy, and high-tech industries.

Strengths and capabilities: 

Renowned for its experienced, responsive, and lean operations, the Huntley facility specializes in customized factory automation projects. With a production capacity of 25,000 SF, it is designed for rapid decision-making and comprehensive involvement in solution development, enhancing risk mitigation and innovative capabilities.

Key Facts:

  • Address: Automation Specialist Services LLC
    11131 Kiley Dr, Huntley, IL 60142, USA
  • Proximity: Strategically located near major transportation networks.
  • Area: 25,000 SF
  • Key Facilities: State-of-the-art production facilities focusing on custom automation.

Contact Huntley Factory:

  • T: +1 847-792-1692