Mastery in advanced robotics, automation and testing systems.

Zofingen Factory

Historical Background: 

IAR Group Central Europe is rooted in the rich heritage of Bachmann Engineering in Zofingen. With a combined legacy exceeding four decades, this location also serves as the Group’s headquarters, spearheading advancements in automation and engineering.

Strengths and capabilities: : 

The Zofingen facilities are pivotal in providing comprehensive A-Z automation solutions across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. With a focus on customized factory automation, CNC system loading and unloading, and specialized quality control units, they are uniquely equipped to handle complex industrial challenges.

Key Facts:

  • Addresses: Bachmann Engineering AG
    Henzmannstrasse 8, 4800 Zofingen, Switzerland
  • Proximity: Centrally located within Europe’s industrial core.
  • Areas: 1200 m²

Key Facilities: Equipped with high-end production technology and extensive engineering facilities.

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Hochdorf Factory

Historical Background: 

Hochdorf’s facility stands as a beacon of industrial automation and testing technologies, backed by a commitment to quality and technological advancement. It has established a strong presence in the region, continually evolving to meet the sophisticated needs of its clients.

Strengths and capabilities:

The facility is distinguished by its dynamic approach to manufacturing and design. Specializing in high-quality, assembly, testing and measuring machines, Hochdorf plays a crucial role in the development of new technologies, particularly noted for its agile production processes and strict adherence to quality standards.

Key Facts:

  • Address: Sontec AG
    Turbistrasse 27, 6280 Hochdorf, Switzerland
  • Proximity: Located within Europe’s industrial core.
  • Area: 600 m²
  • Key Facilities: Advanced manufacturing units equipped with cutting-edge technology.

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Germany – Sales:

Hofherrnstraße 70, 73434 Aalen, Deutschland

Switzerland – Sales:

Aarbergstrasse 46, 2503 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

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