We build automatic plasma systems tailored to your needs. In doing so, we incorporate the many years of experience and the bundled know-how of the IAR Group AG and Tigres GmbH.

You will find here examples of automatic plasma systems, which we were allowed to realize on behalf of customers. Each of these systems was individually adapted to the customer’s needs and production environment.

Solution 1

Agile Surface Treatment Platform – ZAST

Our platform “Zeugma Agile Surface Treatment” (ZAST) is a sophisticated solution for the surface treatment and coating of parts with atmospheric pressure plasma, where the parts are located in a tray. The ZAST platform is available in several versions, each with different functions. These include, for example, automation, quality inspection and marking functions.

Solution 2

Customized Automatic Plasma Systems

Together with our partner Tigres, we build customized automatic plasma systems for the surface treatment of materials. From laboratory tests, field trials and development to the realization of the complete plasma system, we cover all areas. Based on our many years of experience in a wide range of industries, we can provide you with competent advice on all relevant aspects (e.g., dimensioning, robot type, performance, speed, generator type, control, measurement, safety).