???? – IAR Group is excited to announce the launch of our two Swiss-made automation modules in America and the Iberian Area – the «Bachmann LoadingStation» (BLS) and the «Bachmann MovingDevice» (BMD). Own-developed by our Swiss entity Bachmann Engineering AG

Both modules are mainly used in the area of fully automatic loading of CNC machines, assembly stations and production plants. Click below to take a look or contact us directly.

Sebastien Perroud: «I am very pleased that we can now launch two of our automation modules developed in Switzerland on the market in the USA and Portugal. According to the motto «Think Globally, Act Locally» we produce the automation modules where we sell them.» Perroud: “This approach is not only sustainable and contemporary, but it also enables a transfer of know-how to the group companies and allows us to sell self-developed products in new geographical markets.” This can be based on proven sales structures and established local marketing networks.

Both the BMD and the BLS are characterized by a small footprint, individual configuration, ease of operation and – thanks to castors and the QuickLock coupling system – flexibility in use. The two automation modules are especially suitable for the collaborative robots (so-called cobots) from Universal Robots; however, other robots can also be integrated. While the BMD is available in 6 basic versions, the BLS has an automatic palletizer with a maximum of 10 ¼-euro pallet spaces, which significantly increases the autonomy of the system.

Sebastien Perroud is convinced that there will be increased demand worldwide for automation systems for feeding machines in the coming years. “The shortage of skilled workers and cost pressures are forcing many companies to look for creative solutions – the use of well-designed, easy-to-use automation modules is an obvious choice.” For the IAR Group, he therefore sees great potential that can be exploited through increased cooperation between the group members: “We are active in a growth market and can serve it with innovative, scalable and adaptable automation solutions.”