25 years of expertise in web handling at your disposal

Since 1997 we have developed and produced state of the art slitting and winding solutions for packaging reels in accordance with the highest requirements and standards to ensure a high quality, efficient winding and slitting.
As an engineering company, we work enthusiastically on innovation to implement new features that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our machines are designed to reach the best efficiency and productivity levels.

In our portfolio you can also find some other sub-products, used in our solutions, which can also be used in third party winding machines, such as our high efficiency Direct Drive motors, specially designed for applications that require very high torque, angular speed and speed.

With +150 units working worldwide, our expertise is now at the service of other emergent industries like the EV’s and the batteries production.
Our broad web handling knowledge allow us to adapt our systems to every nature of web material.

Our expertise:

  • Narrow & Wide Web Doctoring
  • Slitting
  • Precision Tension Control
  • Winding
  • Web Alignment
  • Web Inspections
  • Splice
  • Loading & Unloading

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