The IAR Group, headquartered in Switzerland, being internationally operating company in the field of automation and robotics is strengthening its presence in Germany and actively engaging in research at Aalen University.

In a groundbreaking partnership, IAR Group, in cooperation with company Tigres, provides a state-of-the-art plasma facility to support the university’s research efforts. This collaboration underscores IAR’s commitment to innovation and science, contributing to the promotion of research activities in Germany.

“Both my wife and I are graduates of Aalen University, so I am particularly pleased with the establishment of this partnership,” says Jochen Eichert, Managing Director of IAR Deutschland GmbH based in Aalen.

Sebastien Perroud, CEO of the IAR Group, adds, “The German market is extremely important for us, and we already work closely and successfully with universities in our Swiss home market.”

Prof. Dr. Katharina Weber and Dr. Wadim Schulz from the Research Institute for Innovative Surfaces FINO, belonging to the department of study Materials for Sustainability, are excited about the additional opportunity to supervise research tasks.

As a focal point, environmentally friendly processes for coating metal parts with automated plasma technology are being developed, promising significant future savings in CO2 consumption for many industrial customers.

With this contribution to research and optimization of materials through plasma processes, IAR Group renews its participation in the scientific community and reaffirms its commitment on taking a significant contribution on environmental protection policies.