As the IAR Group embarks on a journey of growth and innovation, we’re excited to share our updated organizational structure, designed to enhance our global strategic positioning and capabilities. This refined structure is built around three specialized Business Units, each targeting specific geographical regions with tailored industrial solutions.

North America Business Unit shines as a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom automation machinery, based in Huntley, Illinois, USA. Known for agile solutions across various industries, the unit prioritizes lean practices and responsiveness, aiming to expand its presence across the United States and Canada.

Iberia Business Unit, located in Mafra, Portugal, is a provider of customized industrial solutions, offering machinery, equipment, and services in automation, robotics, and mechanical engineering. With a focus on packaging and factory automation, it’s poised to lead technology and innovation across Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.

Central Europe Business Unit boasts a rich legacy in designing and manufacturing robot and automation systems from its bases in Zofingen and Hochdorf, Switzerland. Specializing in collaborative robotics and vision automation solutions, it aims to strengthen its footprint in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, supported by the strategic presence of IAR Deutschland GmbH in Aalen, Germany.

Leadership and Vision Across Business Units

The IAR Group’s strategic direction and operational excellence are shaped by an exceptional team of leaders.

Within the North America Business Unit, Erik Sanke, the Managing Director, is at the forefront, steering the unit towards greater innovation and market expansion. His efforts are complemented by Steve Hagan, VP of Application & Project Management, and Joie Dennis, VP of Engineering & Operations, each contributing their expertise to enhance the unit’s project execution and engineering capabilities.

The Iberia Business Unit is under the adept leadership of José Carvalho, the Managing Director, who, along with Yasser Gonzalez, Head of Business Development, and André Pereira, Head of Mechanical Engineering, is pushing the boundaries of technological advancement and market growth. They are supported by António Nunes, leading the charge in Automation & Electrical Engineering, Bruno Lemos, overseeing Production & Logistics, and David Alexandre, ensuring excellence in Product Delivery & Aftermarket, collectively driving the unit’s ambition to excel in innovation and customer satisfaction. Susana Oliveira, managing Finance & HR, plays a crucial role in developing the teams.

The Central Europe Business Unit benefits from the expertise of a dedicated leadership team that ensures our engineering solutions meet the high standards our clients expect. At the helm of sales and strategic market engagement, Marc Strub plays a pivotal role as the Head of Sales. His deep understanding of the market and strategic vision are crucial for navigating the unit’s growth and expansion efforts in Central Europe. Supporting the unit’s operational excellence and innovative project execution are David Lang and Sandro Steiner, who bring a wealth of experience and technical expertise to the team.

The broader strategic direction and overarching goals of the IAR Group are steered by Sebastien Perroud, Group CEO, and Andy Rietschin, Group CFO, whose visionary leadership ensures that our global operations remain cohesive, innovative, and aligned with our core values of excellence and customer satisfaction.

This revitalized organizational structure, bolstered by our dedicated leadership, signifies our pledge to adapt, innovate, and lead within the industrial automation and engineering solutions sector. As we continue to deliver excellence and push the boundaries of technology, we look forward to fostering sustainable growth and achieving new milestones.

Stay connected for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and transformation!